Friday, 14 April 2017

I seem to have 'a thing'

One of the best things about being a crafter is the things it reveals about you. Well, me. Well, you too, I'm sure. Take scrapbooking. It's a prime example I think, and utterly reflects my mind set. It's taken me a few years to really become a scrapbooker. I started initially because I had a craft shop and products to use in order to sell products. Now I do it for pleasure, and I seem to have hit on a format.
You can see the pattern. Use one photo, layer it on a load of other paper - some of it made to look like casual scraps. Actually, this is a skill. I can easily reduce a £1.30 piece of 12 x 12 to a badly ripped 2" circle for the sake of my art. Then bung on something that might use up some of the embellishments I've spent ten years collecting. I like to add hand written journaling when it's necessary....I figure if I have to explain the LO to anyone looking at them, then it needs to have that explanation included on the page. After all, I may not always be around to explain, and I'd hate the pile of albums to end up on a bonfire before my art has been understood. *cough*.

And then, because I like to reflect trends and be a bang up to date scrapbooker, I add a flair badge. I have no idea why, but I really can't help myself in either buying or using them. In fact, I should probably employ one of my many storage boxes or saved tins to use as a lovely home for the collection of waiting to be used badges. But that would be very silly. I know full well that I would then feel obliged to buy lots more to fill the tin so the others aren't lonely. Then they wouldn't be 'flair' badges...more 'saturation embellishments'! Of course, at some point, I might find a different embellishment to saturate my formula with. I think it may be a while though. And meantime, hark at how self aware I am. I'm evolving!


Annie Claxton said...

hehehe I LOVE your scrapping formula, and it's definitely related to mine. And totally agree the story needs to be on the page for posterity - mine often ends up on the back or tucked away on a tag or something but it's there somewhere. Wouldn't it be amazing if our grandmothers had done a similar thing and we could look through them now?! xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Although I'm not a scrapbooker, I adore your layouts. They are clean, not simple, but not too extravagant, either. The formula looks good to me. Love the BUDDS!

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I love your LOs.

My LO rarely have only one photo. Never heard of Flair Badges, so I must look out for those. Sue

Kathyk said...

And the one photo layout really works for you .... this ROCKS!


Helen said...

great pics! I have done a total of 2 scrapbook pages in my life - I like to go for clean and simple and let the picture tell the story - but you do sometimes need a bit more - loving your page for Jenny's Coven!! Your comment about the bonfire did make me chuckle though... wonder who you could possibly be directing that comment at!!!